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They tell us that we love God by giving him our sole allegiance, by not reducing him to images of things in the created order, by not using his name in vain, by setting aside regular time in our week to engage in the conscious worship of him. The Ten Commandments tell us that we love our parents by honouring them, that we love our spouses by being faithful to them, that we love our neighbours at a most basic level by not intentionally killing them, by not stealing from them, by not lying about them, by being content with what we have and not coveting what our neighbours have.

This description of what love looks like continues to be indispensable today. The Torah as a whole provides us with a paradigm, showing what loving God and loving our neighbour would look like in a particular, pre-industrial nation in the ancient Middle East.

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It provided a narrative framework within which a series of practical examples showed how and how not to live out the love of God and the love of neighbour in a specific social context. The Torah was a guide for the Israelites, an ethical manual to be meditated upon by the whole community,[12] designed to be capable of application by the people themselves.

By internalising the Torah, Israel was to learn the ways of the Lord, to discover wisdom and to avoid folly Proverbs chapters 1—9. Once the Torah is understood as guidance, incorporating binding principles and specific application, then it becomes easier to understand how the Psalmist could write Psalm as a rhapsody about the importance of meditating on the Torah. The ideal is that a community which lives its law will not need judges to resolve disputes because people will live wisely by the Torah, in shalom with one another.

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Much of the remainder of the Old Testament is, however, a sad commentary on how Israel failed to do this. What was needed was definitive forgiveness, a new heart Jeremiah ; Ezekiel and a new empowerment to live wise love-filled lives Jeremiah His was the complete sin offering Romans His resurrection demonstrated that the curse which fell on those who disobeyed the Torah had been exhausted for those in relationship with Christ.

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The giving of the Spirit at Pentecost is the fulfilment of the prophecies of Jeremiah and Ezekiel God promised that, under the new covenant, he would put his Spirit in his people and move them to follow his decrees and to be careful to keep his laws. Following Jesus means knowing forgiveness of sins and developing a relationship with the triune God. Obeying the commands of Jesus and learning what it means to love. But what exactly did Jesus command? Is there any need to take account of how love was to be expressed in the community of Israel in the Old Testament?

We need to look at the Old Testament to help us to discern what the loving action would be. Is it loving to give money to a homeless drunk? Is it okay if a man sets up home with his stepmother, provided her relationship with his father is already over? Is it loving to offer people work which is well-paid but involves extremely long hours?


How do we answer these questions and others like them? We also have problems because thinking about love alone does not give us much concrete guidance about what is right and wrong. The public commitment and community support involved in a marriage make a significant difference. Finally, sinful human beings have an enormous capacity for self-delusion and to find rationalisations when they fall prey to temptation.

If Christians today do not learn from Israel and from the New Testament churches how to develop biblical ethical standards, they will inevitably end up with worldly standards. For Christians, following Jesus is what matters. The priority of Jesus over the Torah and the Prophets was shown to his disciples in the Transfiguration Matthew In working out how to love in practice, the first place to look is to look to Jesus. Jesus himself points us towards the Torah as part of the revelation of God through which we may discover what it means to love one another.

Here Jesus is affirming the importance of the Torah by laying bare the moral principles which lay at its heart.

Far from abolishing the moral demands of the Torah, in fact Jesus radicalised them. Jesus was the one towards whom the Torah was pointing. These are the most important elements of the moral order, and this underlying moral order is the same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament. The personal character of our God has not changed and, despite different cultures and social conditions, the fundamental nature of human beings has not changed either. As Calvin recognised, the Sabbath is not just about the worship of God.

It is also about rest and about community. It is not just about each person having one day of rest in seven; it is about having a communal break from work and trade[23] so that people can enjoy and strengthen their relationships with one another. It is surrending in trust to the wisdom and the power and the love of Jesus, the Spirit, and the Father who lives within you.

Sharing such faith with others in daily demonstrations of trusting God, testifying to the GOOD ness of his will and the dependability of his promises, can have extensive and everlasting blessings to you and to those with whom you share your faith. Jesus has work that he wants to accomplish through you as he motivates your desires and empowers the activities of your life.

There are hungry men, women, and children that need to be fed and clothed. There are the sick and broken that need to be healed and visited. And they will be glorified as you resist the temptation to be constantly trying to live in accord with your own selfish feable efforts to do what only Jesus can do. This is what the Christian faith is all about. It is the experience of living in a new relationship of trust and surrender with God through his Son, Jesus, by the indwelling power of the Spirit.

This is why Christianity is not a religion of rules and rituals but rather a life of personal faith in God and a daily walk of surrender and trust in union with him and Jesus. This website, christianityetc. I have recently added my son, Dana, as a partner to the administrative operation of this website.

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He is a professional computer consultant who will be a big help in the operation of this site. It has no sponsor other than Jesus. For information regarding Robert Sherbondy see About Me. However, Fee , p. The Apostle Paul never views life in the Spirit as a constant struggle between flesh and the Spirit in which the flesh usually has the upper hand nor does he believe that those who live by the Spirit are never tempted by the old life in the flesh or that they never give in to temptation Fee , p.

However, it is clear from scripture that the early church had experiences of the dynamic presence of the Spirit Fee , p. This is not unexpected, since Jesus promised His disciples that they would receive power when the Spirit came Acts The power of the Spirit may be displayed in the way renewed people behave toward one another Fee , p. Power comes from the Spirit not man.

The presence of the Spirit is the presence of God Himself who gives us life Ezekiel All this results in a spiritual unity with God, greater spiritual understanding 1 Corinthians , power to do His will Sanders , p. This is the subject of the following section. Many passages in the New Testament also describe various people as being "filled with the Holy Spirit" or "full of the Holy Spirit".

But what does this mean?

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In Ephesians we are commanded to "be filled with the Spirit" although this is the only place in scripture we are commanded to do so. Even so, the following questions must be asked: How does a Christian "be filled with the Spirit"? Under what conditions can a Christian be filled? What does it mean to "be filled with the Spirit"? Ice and Thiessen , p. There are many references in the Old Testament that refer to individuals being filled or full of the Spirit or to having the Spirit come upon them Exodus , Numbers , Deuteronomy , 1 Samuel The context of these passages shows that the filling referred to was not normal, usually temporary and was brought about by God, in order that the individual may be empowered to perform a particular task.

There are also similar examples of such filling in the New Testament, in Luke and Acts eg. Luke , Luke , Acts , Acts , Acts The phrase used to describe this filling is "filled with the Holy Spirit" Gk. This phrase emphasises the event of filling rather than a state of fullness since all the occurrences of pivmplhmi are aorist or future indicating an event.

It should also be noted that the Greek verb pivmplhmi , meaning "to fill completely", is always used to describe this filling. The filling is also instantaneous often resulting in immediate prophetic utterances. This kind of filling is a divine act of God and no-one is ever commanded to seek it. The fact that Peter and Paul were filled on several occasions Peter: Acts , ; Paul: Acts , implies that the filling was also temporary, only lasting until the particular task was completed Ice This ministry has been greatly misunderstood because of poor exegesis of this verse and because normal filling is not distinguished from special filling eg.

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  • Washburn Yet spiritual filling is the basic requirement for Christian growth and maturity Ryrie , p. In Ephesians , Paul commands: "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. The use of the imperative mood and the present tense for plhrovw strongly suggest it should be taken as an iterative present see Wallace , p.

    This means the emphasis is on the condition or state of fullness and the adjectival form, plhvrh" , indicates that this state of fullness has been achieved.