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According to a Doctor, it is possible that he had an aneurysm caused by syphilis and his love of drinking moonshine. Just where he is buried is just as confusing as how he died. There are three headstones erected in separate cemeteries around Greenwood. One has a headstone erected by Sony Music, at another location a headstone paid for by the members of ZZ Top.

In the summer of , an year-old lady called Rosie Eksridge said that her husband helped to bury Johnson in a graveyard about 3 miles from Three Forks; this has now had a headstone placed in the graveyard. People living in the Delta today roll their eyes when asked by eager blues tourists to tell them where they can find the crossroads. Others, of course, do not bother asking, they just go to the junction of Highway 61 and Highway 49 and have their photograph taken.

The point is there are no actual crossroads.

Robert Johnson: LOST AND FOUND (Music in American Life)

There was long-standing Delta myth that talks of a bluesman waiting by the side of a deserted country crossroads in the dark of a moonless night, for Satan himself would come and tune his guitar. His music is brilliant, his delivery and his guitar playing were unique and rightly revered, but the songs he recorded are often derivative of other earlier recordings. These records are probably derivative of other blues songs that were passed around from one blues singer to another.

Alleged Video Footage Of Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson has influenced just about everyone that picked up a guitar and played blues and rock. Listen to how Robert Johnson inspired every musical icon on this legacy playlist. There is no mention of Robert Lockwood Jr. Later in life Lockwood moved to Cleveland, Ohio and continued recording. I was able to actually have a conversation with him and he told me all about Robert Johnson. Wald respects the man and his work, just leavens the mix with decent points posed outside the hyperbole.

My theory is divergent and based on facts of the times. One , song is Crossroad Blues, not Crossroads.

JOHNSON, ROBERT | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

A crossroad is the junction of a country road and a railroad line. Nuff said, people. I believe the whole bunch of you are full of corn on this matter. Roads were bad and the rich owned the autos in the deep South.

Robert Johnson

I agree I went their I I think I found the track s you are talking about. I got an old town map and followed the real highways and the tracks I came across seems more believable. Thanks for listening. Went their from Chicago and followed the trail all the way to clarksdale Ms. And looked at old maps and I believe that I found it in my opinion.

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Railroad tracks and road Erie feeling. I went their and looked on a old town map and came close to where I think the train tracks and highway crossed. Visited Morgan Freedman juke joint ground zero and the the blues museum what a life changing experience. Long live the blues….

At Ground Zero, the food was good…music bad. Amateur night I guess. Or, maybe he did. I too have done a little research on the matter of the crossroads, and while in the end the mythology may well be larger than life itself, in my opinion, informed sources place the crossroads just outside the small town of Lula, Mississippi. The 61 highway has since been stubbed off and routed southwest, but it originally followed the train track out to highway Remote, lonely, dark, small swampy area, trees.

On the way to the bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River to Helena. What no one mentions is his death at age They were successful in music. Satan is said to be associated with music. It is a distraction to think of the crossroads as a physical place rather than a very important choice.

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  6. I noted that he played some of Jimmie Rodgers music a musician that I listened to with my Grandma when I was quite young! Thanks for posting all of this information about R. This is not at all a good movie to learn about Robert Johnson but the movie crossroads goes into a little detail about him and Willie Brown, If you are a blues man then you will love this movie.

    Trying to find out who is the mother of Claud L. See: FindAGrave. I am a big genealogy hobbyist! Just recently learned of this man and the history behind his life. Photos and memoirs by Terry Abrahamson featuring Muddy Waters and many other blues greats Full color poster graphically depicts the legend of the Crossroads, Highways 61 and 49 in Clarksdale, where Toggle navigation. User Login Sign Up. Crossroads 2. DBM Logo Merch 4.

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    The Devil’s Music: The Life And Legacy Of Robert Johnson

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