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A very good read. What for? To live hard, work hard, and run the risk every day of having to die hard. Get out! You're as bad as your mother. The Indian on his landing embraced him, and having a bough in his hand, made a long speech, which though not intel ligible, was yet delivered with so much grace and dignity, as would have done honour to an European orator. They then exchanged their boughs, and the old man made great professions of friendship, which those people have many ways of expressing unknown to Europeans, giving the Captain at the same time to un derstand that all manner of distrust was now at an end.

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From this time the old man came down to the ship without fear; and Mr. When the old man came first on board, he was attended only by one daughter, who was young and lively. The Captain received him with great cordiality, and the Indian seemed highly delighted, inspecting and admiring every thing that was shewn him; both he and his daughter were invited to eat, but they de clined that civility.

While the old man was attentive to the manual arts about which the men were employed on board, the daughter was no less pleased with the playwardness of the sailors, who endeavoured to make them selves agreeable to her by striving who should make her the most acceptable presents. Of all the arts the Indian saw the people employed about on board, none seemed to strike him so much as the facility with which the sawyers cut out their plank from the solid tree; he was so pleased with that operation, that he was very desirous of taking the pitman's place himself; and being permitted so to do, but not succeed ing to his wish in the performance, he soon gave out; but could not be diverted from at tending to the sawyers, preferably to any of the other handicrafts, the carpenter's excepted, whose business, however, being more compli cated he could not so well comprehend.

After some time it was discovered, that this family was the same, who at the first coming of the ship, deserted their habitation on the shore, and betook themselves to the covert of the woods. On this part of the island, which was the most southerly, and consequently the coldest and most unpromising, the inhabitants were but few, and lived in continual terror.

The country at a little distance from the shore being rude, woody and mountainous, was their chief security against the incursions of their northern countrymen, who if they can take them by surprize, carry them off in like manner as the savage beasts of the forest carry off their prey when impelled by hunger. This very naturally accounts for the deserted condi tion in which our voyagers found this part of the country; for though it abounded in fish, it was destitute of every other necessary of life, wood and water excepted.

How they procured cloathing, for cloathing they had, we are yet to learn. It is no wonder therefore, that at the approach of a vessel of such an un common magnitude and structure as the Reso lution, a solitary family of which an old man was the sole defender, should on its landing ap pear to be frighted, probably expecting to be eaten, as they could not suppose strangers to have more tenderness and humanity than their own countrymen. On Monday the 19th the Captain and Mr.

Foster, took a tour up the country, and in their way visited the old man and his family at their new habitation on the skirt of the wood, and were welcomed by them in a manner they did not expect. In less time than could well be imagined, they all appeared clean dressed in their manner, a fire was made by rubbing two sticks together, which seems to be the uni versal method in use among the natives through out the southern hemisphere, and they began dressing fish in a peculiar manner, intreating their guests at the same time to stay and eat; the fish they intended for the strangers was dif ferently dressed from that eaten in common by themselves.

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Their bread, as has been said, was the inner bark of a tree cleansed and bruised, and made up in a way peculiar to themselves; and their sauce was a sea-weed, which, it was sup posed, served them both for salt and vinegar. The gentlemen declined the invitation with regard to eating, but were much pleased with the neatness of their cooking; some of the sailors, however, were not so dainty; they not only eat with them a-days, but slept with them a-nights.

On Tuesday the 20th, the gentlemen being at a considerable distance from the ship sur veying the different islands in the bay, and in sounding the depths, and securing a free pas sage for the ship as soon as she should be in a condition to sail, they observed a company of Indians, who by their motions seemed to be more courageous than the family we have been just describing.

Their threats, however, had no other effect than hastening the pinnace to approach the land. The Captain, with only a sheet of white paper in his hand, jumped ashore; and, after narrowly escaping being struck with a launce which was thrown at him by a young warrior, continued advancing till he reached a tree, from whence having broken a bough, he made towards the natives, who were but few in number, and who seemed in a great measure to have vented their rage in the first attack. They met him with boughs which they dropt at his feet, and he instantly dropt his upon theirs.

Peace being in this manner concluded, an exchange of some articles took place, and the Captain made presents to the women of such trifles as they were most likely to be pleased with, and invited them to follow him to the pinnace. They made signs in return for him and his followers to go with them; but observing more of their company peeping from the woods, he thought it most adviseable to return on board. He was no sooner em barked than they all came down to the water's edge, and being shewn several articles of small value, they fancied most of them, and were gratified each with what he liked best.

Nothing remarkable happened till the 26th. The people continued to prepare for sailing; and in the mean time the brewers were set to work to brew beer for the ship's use.

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This, it seems, had been strongly recommended by Mr. M'Bride as a preservative against the scurvy, and there is no doubt but it contributed, with the other means that were used, to produce that salutary effect. The crew continued in perfect health; and while their beer lasted, preferred it to every other liquor. M'Bride, indeed, prescribes the wort as the most effectual remedy; but the beer while new may differ very little in its quality. On the 28th the tents on shore were struck, the wood that had been cut brought on board, and the water properly stowed in the hold; the sails all bent, the ship unmoored, and all but the Captain, and those who accompanied him, called to their stations.

On the 29th the ship was towed a-head, and at four in the afternoon was under sail with a fine breeze. At five it fell calm, and at seven, there being no likelihood of advancing, came to, and anchored in 50 fathom water. At night saw a fire at a distance. The weather continuing fine, the ship's company were plentifully sup plied with fish, and were in high spirits, hoping soon to meet their associates in the Adventure at the appointed place of rendezvous. May 1, they weighed anchor in expectation of taking advantage of a breeze of wind that sprung up about nine in the morning; but that proving contrary, they stretched from shore to shore without making any consider able way, and in the evening turned into a little cove and cast anchor.

Here they catch ed abundance of fish, and killed some water-fowl. The shore was so bold, that in turning into the cove the ensign-staff was entangled among the trees, and had it not been stronger than the branches that encumbered it, the ship's course must infallibly have been stopt.

The boughs, however, gave way, and they cast anchor close by the shore.

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May the 5th weighed and came to sail, and with difficulty arrived at a convenient birth not above four little miles from the main ocean. On the 11th they weighed anchor, and got clear of the bay, to which the Captain in his former voyage had given the name of Dusky Bay, because it being hazy when he passed it, he could discover nothing about it. The north point of this bay is rendered remarkable by five high peaked rocks which lie off, and give it the appearance of the four fingers and thumb of a man's hand.

The harbour is con siderably within land, and lies in lat. Of the inhabitants of this part of New Zea land little can be said, as the family already described was the only one with which the ships held any intercourse. Other inhabitants there certainly were, but not in considerable numbers. The Captain in circumnavigating the northern and southern divisions of the island, had already remarked the different dis positions of the inhabitants in the different parts of it.

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On the 17th, having met with nothing in their passage worth relating, they came in sight of the western entrance of Charlotte Sound; but to their great astonishment found them selves surrounded with water-spouts, some of them not more than three or four hundred yards from the ship's course, and having but little wind to clear them, were in the utmost terror, dreading their effects.

It happened, however, providentially, that none of them broke till the ship had reached the Sound, where she cast anchor about seven at night within two miles distance of her consort, the Adventure, which in the morning she found almost in readiness to sail. Nothing could equal the joy of their meeting, when they were mutually assured that no disaster had befallen either.

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  • As the winter was now far advanced in that climate, it became necessary to hasten their departure, in order to pursue their discoveries as it was thought in the warmer climates. With this view both ships supplied themselves with as much wild celery and other whole some greens as the people employed in that service could gather, and the ships convenient ly stow. The brewers likewise on board the Resolution made a second brewing of the malt they carried with them; but it does not appear that the Adventure was equally provided with malt.

    On the 4th of June they celebrated his Majesty's birth-day with great rejoicings. The marines were drawn up on shore, and fired in honour of the day; and the evening concluded with bonfires and fireworks, to the great asto nishment of the Indian beholders. This was on the 16th of June, the very height of their winter. On the 24th of June they found themselves in lat. On July the 16th they again changed their course E. On August the 1st the scurvy had prevailed so much on board the Adventure, that the men who remained in health were obliged to do double duty: and this was the more remark able as there were but two men ill on board the Resolution, one of a consumption, the other of the rheumatism.

    They were now in latitude 25 deg.

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    The Adventure had lost her cook by death, and there being no man to be spared on board that ship, one William Chapman, an old seaman on board the Resolution, was appointed in his room. On the 11th they discovered three small low islands bearing W. Every day now brought them in sight of small islands, of which Tupia is said to have laid down a plan of more than of his own knowledge, most of them within the Tropics.

    On the 15th of August they came in sight of Osnaburgh-island, so named by the Dolphin, about a degree and a half to the eastward of Otaheite, and the same day came in sight of Otaheite to their great joy. On the 16th the weather being fair and calm, about eleven o'clock in the forenoon, the current carried them close inn shore upon a reef of rocks, on which the Resolution struck several times, but received no material da mage. The Adventure came to with the coasting anchor, and hoisted out her boats, and got two small anchors and hawsers to warp her off shore; but in warping both hawsers broke, and they lost both anchors; about six in the evening they slipt their coasting cable, and came to sea with the Resolution.

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    The Resolution had likewise grounded, and had been obliged to cut her cable to get clear.