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NYC Lesbian Nightlife: How Social Clubs Saved the Lack of Lesbian Bars - Thrillist

The Greatest Actress Who Ever Lived A closeted reporter arrives in the dressing room of veteran, bisexual stage and film star Nance O'Neil , and as Nance shares the details of her affair with alleged ax murderess Lizzie Borden, the two women share a moment of intimacy. Harriet Tubman Visits A Therapist Harriet Tubman, suspected of planning an escape, has been sent to the therapist, another African-American woman, for an evaluation. Radical activism meets one-day-at-a-time therapism.

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Head in the Game A persuasive case for abolishing prostitution. In the Boxing Girl Gym, the clients pay by the hour to "work out" with "sparring partners.

Perfectly legal variation of a popular recreation Hermeneutic Circlejerk A farcical satire on the founding of postmodernism by two philosophers with a public history of pro-pedophilia activism Heterosexuals Anonymous A playful send-up of the step movement. Five women in recovery from their addictions to men, convene at their weekly meeting.

The format includes personal testimonies and the reading of the 12 Steps of HA.


Jane Addams locks horns with an elderly Irish woman, in an attempt to understand the strange obsession that has gripped Chicago. A Labor Play Kafka-esque one-act about a multi-national corporation in the business of selling babies. In other words, she wants to keep the baby. The woman is Bridget Sullivan, the Borden's former maid. A gripping solo one-act that turns history on its head! The butch has just been mistaken for a man, and mall security is on the way. Her girlfriend, because of her own history,is conflicted about offering support. Lighting Martha A one-act about the lesbian relationship between legendary lighting designer Jean Rosenthal and her assistant Miki Marion Kinsella.

Legendary lighting designer Jean Rosenthal, dying of cancer, arrived in an ambulance and on a gurney for the final lighting check. The play is a reflection on denial and dying, intimacy and artists, seeing and being seen, and—of course—on light. Little Sister A tribal police officer struggles with her lesbian partner over issues of loyalty and definitions of "family. The struggle for control of the book becomes deadly when Jo accuses Louisa of repressed lesbian desires and incest memories.


Mason-Dixon Separated for thirty years, a white woman attempts to recruit her former slave to return to the South to work as a Union spy in the Confederate White House. Issues of race, class, and gender explode as the women confront their lesbian girlhood and shared history of sexual abuse. Book Of Mormon. Lion King.

Lesbian Bars in London

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The Arcola Theatre in Dalston is a truly community focused endeavour, with endless opportunities and support when it comes to new work. Every piece of work presented at The Yard theatre in Hackney Wick is new. Plays first seen on the Yard stage have transferred to the National Theatre and made their way around the country. They pride themselves on offering insights that can only be seen in theatre, and run the Live Draft series, where playwrights test their new scripts out on an audience.

If you want to be fully immersed in the theatremaking experience, go here and see its inception. Among them is Mary, a regular who visits Slammers at least twice a week. Mary lives just a mile away and frequents other bars and clubs, but not as much as she does Slammers. We grab another round of drinks.

We happen to run into a group of our friends. We hold hands freely. Someone orders a pizza nearby and shares with the people around them.

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This is where we congregate. Slammers celebrates an historic 25 years in business on Friday, Aug.

Even the most reclusive lesbians leave their cats and their movie nights, don their snap-back hats and snazzy shirts, and come to Slammers to have a drink and catch up with friends. This is where we celebrate who we are, as individuals and as a community.