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At , it generates an individual pseudorandom watermark carrier c i where the carrier and the watermark are based on different seeds. In other words, one is not inferred from the other.

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Each carrier is associated with an individual client e. The carriers are stored in a carrier matrix C and each entry in that matrix is associated with an individual client. At , an individualized watermark detection key WDK h i is generated by combining the watermark and an individual watermark carrier. Consequently, each individualized WDKs is associated with an individual client. At , the exemplary collusion resister produces a short-key estimation s i of the individualized WDKs. At , the marked signal is distributed. The process ends at NOTE: No fingerprint is embedded into the media signal.

Unlike classic fingerprinting, no fingerprint code is embedded into the signal. The WDKs are not embedded into the signal. The watermark carriers are not embedded into the signal. The marked signal includes the watermark, but it does not include a fingerprint. However, since the individualized WDKs are generated in part by the watermarks, then only those clients having a particularly associated individualized WDK can access detect, modify, etc. If no segmentation is employed, then these blocks - are repeated for each copy of a digital good.

Each copy is associated with a specific client. That specific client is associated with the individualized WDK for that specific copy. If segmentation is employed, then blocks - are repeated for each segment of the media signal x. Each segment has its own watermark embedded therein. Consequently, each segment also has an individualized WDK associated with it. If segmentation is employed, then the copy of the marked signal distributed in block may be an identical for everyone. This is because clients can only access detect, modify, etc. Since watermark detection is typically done in an insecure environment, it has no access to the original unmarked signal x , the original marked media signal y , carrier index C , and the like.

It is not known whether this signal has been modified or not. At , the individualized WDK associated with a specific client is obtained. The individualized WDK may be hardwired, it may be in firmware, it may be stored in a memory, or the like. It may be encrypted or hidden. Regardless of where the individualized WDK is obtained, it does not come from the subject media signal.

8 Unique Ways to Use the Fingerprint Scanner on Your Android Device

The exemplary collusion resister does not obtain the individualized WDK from the signal that it is examining. At , it determines whether a watermark exists in the subject media signal using the individualized WDK associated with the specific client. At , it indicates the results of such determination. At , it indicates whether a watermark in the subject signal is suspected of being modified. If so, that may trigger the fingerprint detection see FIG.

At , the process ends. At , it also obtains original marked media signal y. At , it also obtains the watermark carriers c i for carrier index C. Since fingerprint detection is typically done in a secure environment, it can have access to the original marked media signal and carrier index C.

At , the process end. The computing environment may be utilized in the computer and network architectures described herein. The exemplary computing environment is only one example of a computing environment and is not intended to suggest any limitation as to the scope of use or functionality of the computer and network architectures.

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Neither should the computing environment be interpreted as having any dependency or requirement relating to any one or combination of components illustrated in the exemplary computing environment The exemplary collusion resister may be implemented with numerous other general purpose or special purpose computing system environments or configurations.

The exemplary collusion resister may be described in the general context of computer-executable instructions, such as program modules, being executed by a computer. Generally, program modules include routines, programs, objects, components, data structures, etc. The exemplary collusion resister may also be practiced in distributed computing environments where tasks are performed by remote processing devices that are linked through a communications network.

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In a distributed computing environment, program modules may be located in both local and remote computer storage media including memory storage devices. The computing environment includes a general-purpose computing device in the form of a computer The components of computer can include, by are not limited to, one or more processors or processing units , a system memory , and a system bus that couples various system components including the processor to the system memory The system bus represents one or more of any of several types of bus structures, including a memory bus or memory controller, a peripheral bus, an accelerated graphics port, and a processor or local bus using any of a variety of bus architectures.

Computer typically includes a variety of computer readable media. Such media can be any available media that is accessible by computer and includes both volatile and non-volatile media, removable and non-removable media.

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By way of example, FIG. The hard disk drive , magnetic disk drive , and optical disk drive are each connected to the system bus by one or more data media interfaces Alternatively, the hard disk drive , magnetic disk drive , and optical disk drive can be connected to the system bus by one or more interfaces not shown. The disk drives and their associated computer-readable media provide non-volatile storage of computer readable instructions, data structures, program modules, and other data for computer Although the example illustrates a hard disk , a removable magnetic disk , and a removable optical disk , it is to be appreciated that other types of computer readable media which can store data that is accessible by a computer, such as magnetic cassettes or other magnetic storage devices, flash memory cards, CD-ROM, digital versatile disks DVD or other optical storage, random access memories RAM , read only memories ROM , electrically erasable programmable read-only memory EEPROM , and the like, can also be utilized to implement the exemplary computing system and environment.

Each of such operating system , one or more application programs , other program modules , and program data or some combination thereof may include an embodiment of a digital-good obtainer, a fingerprint detector, a collusion indicator, a colluder identifier, a fingerprint memory, and a watermark detector. A user can enter commands and information into computer via input devices such as a keyboard and a pointing device e. A monitor or other type of display device can also be connected to the system bus via an interface, such as a video adapter Computer can operate in a networked environment using logical connections to one or more remote computers, such as a remote computing device By way of example, the remote computing device can be a personal computer, portable computer, a server, a router, a network computer, a peer device or other common network node, and the like.

The remote computing device is illustrated as a portable computer that can include many or all of the elements and features described herein relative to computer Logical connections between computer and the remote computer are depicted as a local area network LAN and a general wide area network WAN Such networking environments are commonplace in offices, enterprise-wide computer networks, intranets, and the Internet. When implemented in a LAN networking environment, the computer is connected to a local network via a network interface or adapter When implemented in a WAN networking environment, the computer typically includes a modem or other means for establishing communications over the wide network It is to be appreciated that the illustrated network connections are exemplary and that other means of establishing communication link s between the computers and can be employed.

In a networked environment, such as that illustrated with computing environment , program modules depicted relative to the computer , or portions thereof, may be stored in a remote memory storage device.

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  • By way of example, remote application programs reside on a memory device of remote computer For purposes of illustration, application programs and other executable program components such as the operating system are illustrated herein as discrete blocks, although it is recognized that such programs and components reside at various times in different storage components of the computing device , and are executed by the data processor s of the computer.

    An implementation of an exemplary collusion resister may be described in the general context of computer-executable instructions, such as program modules, executed by one or more computers or other devices. Typically, the functionality of the program modules may be combined or distributed as desired in various embodiments. The operating environment is only an example of a suitable operating environment and is not intended to suggest any limitation as to the scope or use of functionality of the exemplary collusion resister s described herein.

    An implementation of an exemplary collusion resister may be stored on or transmitted across some form of computer readable media.