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The digital broadcasting of performances to cinemas, or 'livecasting', burst onto the world scene in This book explores the reasons for its rise, examines.

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If I sue enough of them, I might be able to actually afford a gym membership! The ignorance on this topic is astounding coming from men who claim some kind of intellectual superiority. As Quillette commentariat do. You think…. Jon Kay and many others. After reading many of these posts, this is the one issue I kept thinking about.

What about the rights of physicians? A non-modified male person goes to an OB-GYN and demands a Pap smear and ovarian exam and physically cannot get either procedure accomplished, and so can then sued? Even if it is thrown out of court, the legal costs and potential harm-causing publicity could devastate that physician! Why is this even a topic on which Yaniv dwells? In this case, Yaniv wants a service by a woman who only serves women, and is hurt and angry when turned down.

If the procedure is really all that is wanted, then Yaniv should be okay with it being provided by the most qualified, someone who has been trained appropriately, man or woman. Yaniv seems to only seek untrained for treating males , unwilling women. It will likely be the last time it is requested! Trans lobbyists often shroud wave in pursuit of special moral status. If they dont get their way, kids will commit suicide etc etc. The truth is that radfem world has more than its fair share of bitter misanthropists who would cross the road for a punch up.

Many many women on Twitter, FB and other social media have lost their accounts, jobs, had to engage lawyers to protect themselves, their children and elderly parents, gone underground to protect themselves, hired security, been to emergency— to protect the rights of all women. Even MRA suckups. This case is so disgusting and it beggars belief. Sadly, it is another example of women being unable to defend themselves from men encroaching on their personal spaces. It is so unbelievable that we have got this point with contemporary feminism. Here is my wildly misogynistic interpretation which, unfortunately, is the only one that seems to make any sense.

They are inherently weak, in body and mind, and just crumble every time a man bullies them. Are they really that soft? What we have now is lots of millennial sky-screamers telling people like Greer to fuck off instead of the men from whom they should be protecting themselves. I truly despair. Should men have to step in to save women? From themselves? From men pretending to be women? What the hell is going on please? Note: I am sure the only way of sorting this out is to have a third category, men, women and everyone else. This would obviously require separate facilities; prisons, toilets, sports competitions, beauty, whatever.

And the trans themselves can damn well pay for it.

Problem is solved and women are safe from this BS. The most politically influential women, as a category, tend to be masculine ones, which include lesbian butch dykes and whatnot. Apart from transwomen dominating discourse, there was the prior issue of radical lesbians dominating discourse in gender related policy.

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Transwomen have the support of plenty of ciswomen. It is that they have been invited by the cisfemale social justice warriors that are currently empowered. I know and have known for many years a trans woman. They are six foot two Andreasonably brawny, though run terribly to fat since the hormone treatments.


Not that I would ever tell anyone of any persuasion to do that. I would speak to them with courtesy, in the hope that it might be returned. Absolute freedom of association could return us to the days of Jim Crow. DiamondLil, Not necessarily. Keep in mind, Jim Crow was a legal regime. A restaurant owner in the Jim Crow South could not have allowed black people to eat with white people even if he had wanted to.

It was against the law. Because it was illegal, black people did not have the option of simply eating someplace else more hospitable to them.

When those laws were declared unconstitutional, that option became open. And boycotts of discriminati g businesses could be effective, c.

Black folks and sympathetic white folks can simply go someplace else. But then Racists would be legally entitled to operate restaurants while refusing service to people on the basis of their Race and Religionists would be legally entitled to operate restaurants while refusing service to people on the basis of their Religion and Sexists would be legally entitled to operate restaurants while refusing service to people on the basis of their Sex. Speaks volumes about the character of your friends and family. You should reconsider your voluntary associations if this is your perspective on humanity.

A people that need their government to mandate decency are not a decent people.

Birds form language 'like humans' by stringing nonsense sounds together

If they are not a decent people, how are they to become decent? Government coercion? That can only force people to hide their true thoughts, which is an infringement on fundamental liberty. The only way to correct this behaviour is through socialisation.

Caesar Americanus : Trump, Shakespeare and the American Illiterati — Michael McCaffrey

Let those who choose to wrongly discriminate face the social consequences, however long they may take to manifest. Modern feminism is a form of radical social constructionism that denies any role for biology in the social world, just as Janiv does. Just like Yaniv, it asserts that our world can be completely reconstructed through political action, with biology no impediment.

It also sees language as playing a central role in this reconstruction effort and has imposed any number of language codes on the rest of the population. The transadvocates like to ignore the internal contradictions in their belief here. Supposedly language and social construction alone can determine who is a woman. Yet, they claim that insurance companies should pay for trans people under 18 to physically transition- admitting there is some biological component. Reality is that we currently simply do not have anything close to the science to turn men into women.

Perhaps one day with vast advances in in vitro genetic engineering, a person born male can be effectively transformed into a biolocal female and this discussion will be resolved. But that seems at least a century off. If a woman is violently raped she might need medical treatment, no?